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Matches 201 to 250 of 3058

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201 William and Sarah had 10 children. (Jan Nelson) Family: F189
202 William Henry Outhouse's military record contains a statement by M. J. Ranson attesting to his inspection of "what is purported to be the family Bible of the Henika family." Frederick and Lucy's marriage is listed as 17 Dec. 1829. Family: F79
203 William lived at Muskego and was married there in 1852. Ellen Parker, daughter of Luther Parker, Muskego's first settler, mentioned their wedding in her diary.

"April 1, [1852] - Mr. William Post was married today to Miss Esther Johnson. They did not make much of a wedding. The bride was dressed very pretty in a new silk dress brought from England. The dress is still in the family, a wine and silver iridescent taffeta with a pleated inlay at the shoulders. The waist is very tiny, none of her descendants could fit into it."

William bought land in the Town of Vernon near the Old Presbyterian Church (corner of Hywy F and E.S.) where he had a N.W. quarter section. He later sold out and moved to Rutland. They were married by W. D. Peck, Justice of the Peace. 
Family: F74
204 Age 56, father b. NY, mother b. CT Alice M.
205 Immigration column = Na Anna T.
206 age 19 Betty
207 age 63 Caroline "Carrie"
208 age 73 Caroline "Carrie"
209 Per LDS data, Catharine Outhouse married on 22 Oct 1863 in Lincoln, Nebraska to Henry S. McCune. Catherene
210 Email--Sue Clavin, Subject: Re: Porter Message: In the 1880 census for Jackson, Jackson County, MI, Mary E. and Seymour S. PORTER are listed in the household of Charlotte HENICA. Seymour S. PORTER is the husband of Mary E. HENICA/HENIKA. Charlotte
211 age 44 Elizabeth
212 Census indicates she was born in Ill., her father was born in Ill., and her mother was born in Germany. Elizabeth
213 She died of cancer. Emma
214 age 18 Estella
215 age 27 Grace M
216 age 23 Hattie
217 age 24 Hilda
218 age 34 Hilda
219 Age 30, Father b. Indiana, mother b. Canada Jeannette
220 age 25 Juliette
221 age 26 Katey
222 age 61 Lucy
223 She is buried in Forest Home Cemetery. Lucy
224 1930 census of son, John, lists her birthplace as Denmark Margaret
225 age 29 (or could be 27) Margaret
226 age 50 Margaret
227 Unknown who this person is. She probably became inadvertently disconnected from a more recognizable relative. If anyone has information about this individual, please contact me. Margaret Grace
228 age 34, real estate $4000, pp $200 Mary
229 age 39 Mary
230 She died on the 25th of the 6th, 1747. In her will, she mentions her sisters Charity Embree, and Eleanor Burling. I included Charity as a sister but not Eleanor until I confirm whether she is a sister or sister-in-law. Mary
231 Not sure of 1st name -- census not legible Masie
232 She is buried in the Maguire-Fairview Cemetery. Mattie Pearl
233 age 30 Myrtle K.
234 According to the 1880 census, both her parents were from Tennessee. Nancy
235 age 40 Nelia
236 A note among my genealogical papers says, "Need letters of administration for Rachel Outhouse" *** Jim provided a last name for Rachel of Underhill. However, Marcia Staton doesn't believe that name is accurate. I have also seen this in additional sources (Randall Hall who says he got the name from Alice Whitehill). It appears in the LDS records as "submitted by a member after 1991." *** Rachel
237 She is buried in Lord Cemetery. Rachel
238 age 49, father b. NY, mother b. NY Sadie
239 age 59 Sadie
240 She is buried in Dodge Grove Cemetery. Sarah Nettie
241 She is listed as head of the household. 1F 45+, 1F 10-16, 1F 16-26 Susanna
242 age 46, property owner ($8,000), owns radio, lives on Pugsley Place. Arthur Thomas Jefferson ACKER
243 He was the son of Spencer and Henrietta ROHR ACKER. Arthur Thomas Jefferson ACKER
244 Registration description: brown eyes, black hair, medium build, medium height Arthur Thomas Jefferson ACKER
245 She was baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church Catryn ACKERMAN
246 She was the daughter of Laurents and Geertje EGBERTS ACKERMAN Catryn ACKERMAN
247 He was the son of David and Margaretje JURCKS ACKERMAN (Ackerman-Lang) Johannes D. ACKERMAN
248 age 17 Alexander Howell ADAMS
249 He is buried in Section 8, Lot 102 of the Woodlawn Cemetery. Alexander Howell ADAMS
250 Avard was an engineer on the ill-fated Vestris; he retired in Brighton, NS. Avard ADAMS

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