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New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
151 JOHNSON, Edward W.  Abt 1870New York I1013 OuthouseLine2014 
152 LAMB, Leah E.  Dec 1849New York I9748 OuthouseLine2014 
153 LANE, Annie  Abt 1849New York I9019 OuthouseLine2014 
154 LATHBURY, Jane A.  Jun 1855New York I3966 OuthouseLine2014 
155 LAVAR, Susan  May 1831New York I867 OuthouseLine2014 
156 LEE, Jane A.E.  1823New York I6843 OuthouseLine2014 
157 LESTER, Dale C.  28 Feb 1896New York I6029 OuthouseLine2014 
158 LEVERAGE, Nelson  Abt 1938New York I2746 OuthouseLine2014 
159 LEVERAGE, Richard  Feb 1940New York I2747 OuthouseLine2014 
160 LORD, Glenn Richard  11 Jan 1920New York I1390 OuthouseLine2014 
161 LOSEE, Elizabeth  23 Jun 1816New York I5138 OuthouseLine2014 
162 LOUNSBURY, Deborah  1843New York I8811 OuthouseLine2014 
163 MACJANNETT, Isabelle "Belle"  25 Apr 1854New York I829 OuthouseLine2014 
164 MACK, Miles P.  15 Jun 1816New York I821 OuthouseLine2014 
165 MACK, Ruth Mary  12 Apr 1899New York I2700 OuthouseLine2014 
166 MACK, William M.  Oct 1866New York I2698 OuthouseLine2014 
167 MARLER, Ralph J.  Aug 1892New York I2791 OuthouseLine2014 
168 MINNERLY, Mary  1836New York I5764 OuthouseLine2014 
169 MOREY, Robert H.  6 Nov 1909New York I2593 OuthouseLine2014 
170 OSTROM, Willemtje  1656New York I8615 OuthouseLine2014 
171 OUTHOUSE, A. Purdy  Abt 1909New York I1882 OuthouseLine2014 
172 OUTHOUSE, Albina  1852New York I8817 OuthouseLine2014 
173 OUTHOUSE, Alice Mary  13 Feb 1899New York I5157 OuthouseLine2014 
174 OUTHOUSE, Allace\Alice  1864New York I8866 OuthouseLine2014 
175 OUTHOUSE, Alsina Or Alonzo  1853New York I8808 OuthouseLine2014 
176 OUTHOUSE, Ann  Abt 1932New York I1050 OuthouseLine2014 
177 OUTHOUSE, Anna  Apr 1870New York I8847 OuthouseLine2014 
178 OUTHOUSE, Arthur  Abt 1858New York I9745 OuthouseLine2014 
179 OUTHOUSE, Arthur  1872New York I8837 OuthouseLine2014 
180 OUTHOUSE, Arthur J  Abt 1937New York I1807 OuthouseLine2014 
181 OUTHOUSE, Arthur J.  May 1872New York I9021 OuthouseLine2014 
182 OUTHOUSE, Bruce  17 Nov 1875New York I1674 OuthouseLine2014 
183 OUTHOUSE, Carl Willis  1911New York I9015 OuthouseLine2014 
184 OUTHOUSE, Catherine  1830New York I5097 OuthouseLine2014 
185 OUTHOUSE, Charles  Abt 1895New York I1741 OuthouseLine2014 
186 OUTHOUSE, Charles E.  17 May 1868New York I2594 OuthouseLine2014 
187 OUTHOUSE, Charles G.  Abt 1924New York I909 OuthouseLine2014 
188 OUTHOUSE, Clara O.  Aug 1897New York I1881 OuthouseLine2014 
189 OUTHOUSE, Clarence  Abt 1868New York I5151 OuthouseLine2014 
190 OUTHOUSE, Clayton  1912New York I7721 OuthouseLine2014 
191 OUTHOUSE, Colridge  Abt 1874New York I1906 OuthouseLine2014 
192 OUTHOUSE, Cora  1874New York I9750 OuthouseLine2014 
193 OUTHOUSE, Cora Alice  3 Mar 1866New York I7728 OuthouseLine2014 
194 OUTHOUSE, Corah  Abt 1876New York I1917 OuthouseLine2014 
195 OUTHOUSE, Daniel  1831New York I8835 OuthouseLine2014 
196 OUTHOUSE, Daniel  1 Nov 1841New York I8844 OuthouseLine2014 
197 OUTHOUSE, Daniel B.  1875New York I8842 OuthouseLine2014 
198 OUTHOUSE, Donald  Abt 1908New York I1838 OuthouseLine2014 
199 OUTHOUSE, Donald J  Abt 1928New York I910 OuthouseLine2014 
200 OUTHOUSE, Donna  Abt 1938New York I1841 OuthouseLine2014 

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