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Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 C.  Abt 1834Missouri I10093 OuthouseLine2014 
2 BEASLEY, Effie  Jul 1896Missouri I9479 OuthouseLine2014 
3 BEASLEY, Ollie  Jul 1892Missouri I9478 OuthouseLine2014 
4 BONNELL, Grace  Dec 1879Missouri I4511 OuthouseLine2014 
5 CARR, David Alonzo  25 Jul 1883Missouri I5223 OuthouseLine2014 
6 CARR, Mary Bell  16 Aug 1874Missouri I5218 OuthouseLine2014 
7 CARR, Sarah Alice  18 Sep 1871Missouri I5217 OuthouseLine2014 
8 CROUSE, Orel L.  6 Jul 1907Missouri I5253 OuthouseLine2014 
9 CROUSE, Plez Lee  1873Missouri I5252 OuthouseLine2014 
10 DAPROU, Leo B.  Abt 1881Missouri I326 OuthouseLine2014 
11 GREENWOOD, Custus Eva  Abt 1861Missouri I4483 OuthouseLine2014 
12 HAWORTH, Hugh S.  1878Missouri I5266 OuthouseLine2014 
13 HUSE, Harriett  Abt 1870Missouri I2362 OuthouseLine2014 
14 HUSE, Mary  Abt 1868Missouri I2361 OuthouseLine2014 
15 HUTCHISON, Mary Jane  21 Apr 1865Missouri I2104 OuthouseLine2014 
16 JONES, Frances J.  1857Missouri I2407 OuthouseLine2014 
17 LEWIS, Martha J.  Sep 1847Missouri I2360 OuthouseLine2014 
18 OUTHOUSE, Harold E.  12 Jul 1906Missouri I2250 OuthouseLine2014 
19 OUTHOUSE, Jodean A.  Abt 1926Missouri I5772 OuthouseLine2014 
20 OUTHOUSE, Sarah J.  Abt 1925Missouri I5770 OuthouseLine2014 
21 OUTHOUSE, Walter M.  Abt 1923Missouri I5769 OuthouseLine2014 
22 SMALLWOOD, Edward  Abt 1855Missouri I9902 OuthouseLine2014 
23 SMALLWOOD, Frank B.  Abt 1863Missouri I9904 OuthouseLine2014 
24 SMALLWOOD, Ida V.  Abt 1859Missouri I9903 OuthouseLine2014 
25 SMALLWOOD, Laura  Abt 1858Missouri I9907 OuthouseLine2014 
26 SMALLWOOD, Mary Ella  Jul 1853Missouri I9906 OuthouseLine2014 
27 SMITH, Clyde E.  15 Jan 1890Missouri I2450 OuthouseLine2014 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CARR, Harold Vincle  16 Mar 1959Missouri I5270 OuthouseLine2014 
2 CARR, Jahiley Ester  2 Jan 1896Missouri I5219 OuthouseLine2014 
3 CARR, Robert Franklin Cross  22 Nov 1958Missouri I5226 OuthouseLine2014 
4 CARR, Sarah Alice  11 Aug 1949Missouri I5217 OuthouseLine2014 
5 EDDY, Maria Louise  8 May 1896Missouri I9825 OuthouseLine2014 
6 HAINES, Margaret Elizabeth  14 Oct 1903Missouri I5206 OuthouseLine2014