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Of Westchester, NY



Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEACH, A  Abt 1807Of Westchester, NY I1658 OuthouseLine2014 
2 CULYER, Charles H.  Abt 1801Of Westchester, NY I1660 OuthouseLine2014 
3 FIELD  Abt 1795Of Westchester, NY I1643 OuthouseLine2014 
4 FIELD, Abigail  1772Of Westchester, NY I1582 OuthouseLine2014 
5 FIELD, Edward  Abt 1789Of Westchester, NY I1639 OuthouseLine2014 
6 FIELD, Elizabeth  Abt 1797Of Westchester, NY I1644 OuthouseLine2014 
7 FIELD, Harriett  Abt 1801Of Westchester, NY I1646 OuthouseLine2014 
8 FIELD, Ira  Abt 1791Of Westchester, NY I1640 OuthouseLine2014 
9 FIELD, James  1774Of Westchester, NY I1583 OuthouseLine2014 
10 FIELD, James  15 Jan 1795Of Westchester, NY I1594 OuthouseLine2014 
11 FIELD, James P. Stephen  Abt 1793Of Westchester, NY I1642 OuthouseLine2014 
12 FIELD, John  Abt 1803Of Westchester, NY I1648 OuthouseLine2014 
13 FIELD, Josiah  Abt 1787Of Westchester, NY I1638 OuthouseLine2014 
14 FIELD, Louisa  Abt 1805Of Westchester, NY I1649 OuthouseLine2014 
15 FIELD, Maria  Abt 1799Of Westchester, NY I1645 OuthouseLine2014 
16 FIELD, Samuel  1790Of Westchester, NY I1592 OuthouseLine2014 
17 FIELD, Sarah  7 Aug 1775Of Westchester, NY I1584 OuthouseLine2014 
18 FIELD, Walter  Abt 1805Of Westchester, NY I1650 OuthouseLine2014 
19 FIELD, William  Abt 1803Of Westchester, NY I1647 OuthouseLine2014 
20 HARDIE, Eleanor  Abt 1807Of Westchester, NY I1659 OuthouseLine2014 
21 HOLSTED, Eliza  Abt 1791Of Westchester, NY I1651 OuthouseLine2014 
22 KELLOGG, Frances Bouton  Abt 1797Of Westchester, NY I1654 OuthouseLine2014 
23 KELLOGG, Reuben  Abt 1793Of Westchester, NY I1656 OuthouseLine2014 
24 MERRILL, George  Abt 1791Of Westchester, NY I1655 OuthouseLine2014 
25 MORRIN, Eliza  Abt 1793Of Westchester, NY I1653 OuthouseLine2014 
26 PERRY, Fanny  Abt 1770Of Westchester, NY I1637 OuthouseLine2014 
27 ROLLESTON, G. B.  Abt 1795Of Westchester, NY I1657 OuthouseLine2014 
28 UNDERHILL, William  1728Of Westchester, NY I2004 OuthouseLine2014 
29 WRIGHT, Frances  Abt 1768Of Westchester, NY I1597 OuthouseLine2014