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1  Family: F162
2  Family: F183
3  Family: F291
4  Family: F356
5  Family: F423
6  Family: F426
7  Family: F430
8  Family: F443
9  Family: F453
10  Family: F600
11  Family: F908
12  Family: F979
13  Family: F1073
14  Family: F1581
15  Family: F1583
16  Family: F1641
17  Family: F2497
18  Family: F2530
19  Family: F2574
20  Family: F2642
21  Family: F3032
22  Family: F3038
23  Family: F3090
24  Family: F3195
25 In 1796, when John Jr and Hannah entered Ontario from Nova Scotia (per the old UEL list), they were married and had two children. He first applied for land on 8 Jun 1796 stating that he was from Nova Scotia. Hannah and her husband removed to Lincoln Co, Ontario about 31 Mar 1797.
"John was a farmer and possibly a brick maker as there was a brick kiln on his property in Glendale (now part of the city of London, Ontario). John was in the 1st Regt., 1st Company Flank, of Norfolk County Militia, commanded by Lt. Col. G. Ryerson during the war of 1812-1814. 'History of the County of Middlesex' states that there were only 2 other settlers near John & Hannah when they moved to Westminster TWP, Middlesex Co, Ontario and cleared their land by dent of hard work. John became noted throughout his neighborhood as a hard working man and one whose word was as good as his bond. He was a member of the Methodist Church, being also a local preacher in the same and he lived to be 77 years of age."
"They both belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church and are probably buried in the Brick Street Cemetery beside this church on Commissioners Road, London, Ontario."
Hannah and John first lived in Pelham TWP, Lincoln Co, Ontario, and adjoining their lots were Hannah's sisters, Phoebe (Mrs. George Mayne) and Sarah Ann (Mrs. James Smith). The sisters had several children christened on Christmas Eve, 1799 at Niagara (Newark) Outhouse Gen lists year as 1790. 
Family: F562
26 I recently read a newspaper story about Amos M. Smith aka Mysterious Billy Smith, a Boxing Champion of the late 19th century. Amos' parents were Robert and Adelia (Dakin) Smith and his grandparents were James and Sarah Anne (Annie)(Outhouse) Smith. I show James and Sarah Anne Smith with eleven children but none with the first name Robert. Does anyone have anymore information on this branch? Did Robert move back to Tiverton? I show his parents entering Ontario in 1799 and they are buried near Toronto. (GenForum msg from David Cooper) Family: F563
27 "banns of matrimony were published between Jakop Janse Buys, young man from Flatbush, and Marritie Jores, maiden from the ferry. Sponsors: Joris Jakopson, the bride's father and Jan Corneliszen Buys, the grooms father." (Source - Stewart) Stewart cites: Register in Alphabetical Order of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N. Y., from it's First Settlement by Europeans to 1700, by Teunis G. Bergen. Publication: S. W. Green's Son, Printer, Electrotyper and Binder, New York, 1881 Note: Register, in alphabetical order, of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N. Y., from it's First Settlement by Europeans to 1700; with contributions to their biographies and genealogies, compiled from various sources by Teunis G. Bergen, Author of Bergen, Van Brunt, and Lefferts Genealogies. Also: American Marriage Records Before 1699, by William Montgomery Clemens, Publication: The Bilbio Company, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, 1926 Page: p. 52. Family: F2990
28 "Kentucky Marriage Records - Christian Co, Kentucky 1797-1825" by Eleanor Antoniak, says John William was married 5 Feb 1818 at Christian Co, KY and Martha Smith's father was Abraham Smith. "Kentucky Marriage Records - Christian Co, Kentucky 1797-1850" by Cordelia Gary says John William Outhouse was married 2 Jan 1818 at Christian Co, KY by Abner Boyd, J.P. Family: F573
29 (First husband) Family: F1818
30 10 children, some living Family: F476
31 1900 census: indicates that Mary had 10 children and 6 are still living. The sequence may be incorrect. Five children are listed. Family: F905
32 1910 census lists that they had been married for 1 year. Family: F391
33 4 additional children Family: F2236
34 According to Al Hodnett, Robert deserted his wife. Unknown if they actually got a divorce, but each remarried. Family: F1804
35 According to Marcia Staton, they had one child first who died young. Kimball lists mrg date of 1648 in Stamford, CT. Family: F196
36 According to one of the Ancestry public family trees, this family had five children. The 1930 census lists Richard. The Brown family tree then lists two daughters, another son, then Charles. Family: F283
37 According to the Outhouse Family Record, they apparently had at least 8 children. The 1900 NYS Census states that only 3 of their 8 children were living with them. Some may have died in infancy. Family: F998
38 AFN 1WFC-MN5 lists mrg date as ca 1542 Family: F479
39 Alexander died before Prudence; he was from Windsor, Ontario, CAN. OFG lists his name as Bourne. Family: F1764
40 Another source cited in Outhouse Gen states mrg date was 27 Jan 1925. Family: F2447
41 Baker cites 12 Mar 1685 as marriage date. Family: F402
42 Baker lists 1677. Family: F401
43 Biographical album lists mrg date as 5 Jan 1859. Marcia Staton indicates July 5, 1859. Family: F2050
44 Blackberry Twp Sec 5, on south edge of Elburn on NE corner of IL 47 and Keslinger Rd. Family: F2244
45 Bradley Reese lists Jefferson's wives as (1) Jane Land (2) Mary Campbell and (3) Elizabeth Morgan, citing the Illinois vital statistics as his source. Family: F849
46 Census lists their marriage date as 1854-55 Family: F2047
47 Check parentage for these children Also dates. 2. Giles b. November 10, 1885, d. January 6, 1917, age 28 years, 1 month, 7 days. Cause of death Acute Rheumatic Endocarditus Buried at Rutland. (V.R. -v. 22, p. 236) m. 3. Hazel 4. Florence 6. William m. ? Stands buried at Oregon, Wisconsin. Children 1. 2. Charlie Moved to California 3. Herman " " " 4. Otmar

**** I have a record that says Giles was the son of William J. Bossingham and Anna Pritchard. ******** Informant for V.R. records was Howard F. Zink, of Oregon, Wisconsin. SOURCE: Marcia Staton

Children (by Anna Jane Kinney) 7. Anna 8. Ella 9. Arthur 
Family: F390
48 Chute lists her name as Linda and his name as Wesley, son of William. Family: F1746
49 Clinton Co mrg records say Malacin. Family: F632
50 CONFIRM -- email posting of Donna Davidson, 2001. Family: F2608

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