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New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
101 FIELD, Samuel  1748New York I1726 OuthouseLine2014 
102 FIELD, William  1746New York I1725 OuthouseLine2014 
103 FOSTER, Linda Sue  18 Apr 1951New York I2784 OuthouseLine2014 
104 FOWLER, Eliza Tamlerson  13 Dec 1800New York I6647 OuthouseLine2014 
105 FROGAT, Mary  1744New York I39 OuthouseLine2014 
106 FROST, Hester  5 Feb 1795New York I6640 OuthouseLine2014 
107 FROST, Orrin Potter  22 Aug 1806New York I6643 OuthouseLine2014 
108 FROST, Stephen  7 Dec 1771New York I6638 OuthouseLine2014 
109 FROST, Villette  15 Mar 1804New York I6641 OuthouseLine2014 
110 GEIBEL, William H.  Abt 1899New York I1895 OuthouseLine2014 
111 GILBERT, Josiah  Abt 1756New York I2474 OuthouseLine2014 
112 GOODRICH, David  4 Apr 1807New York I9584 OuthouseLine2014 
113 GOURLAY, Bess  Apr 1895New York I2553 OuthouseLine2014 
114 HAINES, Margaret Elizabeth  19 Nov 1811New York I5206 OuthouseLine2014 
115 HALLETT, Samuel  1652New York I422 OuthouseLine2014 
116 HALLETT, William  1648New York I421 OuthouseLine2014 
117 HANER, Rufus  8 May 1819New York I9259 OuthouseLine2014 
118 HAWLEY, Cecil Smith  13 Sep 1875New York I1272 OuthouseLine2014 
119 HAWLEY, Edna  1876New York I3983 OuthouseLine2014 
120 HAWLEY, Henry  Feb 1842New York I3979 OuthouseLine2014 
121 HAWLEY, Jennie Whitney  18 Apr 1878New York I3984 OuthouseLine2014 
122 HECKENDORN, John B.  8 Jun 1872New York I2014 OuthouseLine2014 
123 HEINER, Cornelius  15 Mar 1770New York I2913 OuthouseLine2014 
124 HEINER, Johannes  20 May 1775New York I2914 OuthouseLine2014 
125 HEINER, Wilhelm  24 Apr 1767New York I2912 OuthouseLine2014 
126 HENIKA, Alice  May 1824New York I9578 OuthouseLine2014 
127 HENIKA, Charles Burgoyne  30 Apr 1837New York I5433 OuthouseLine2014 
128 HENIKA, Clarinda  1802New York I3005 OuthouseLine2014 
129 HENIKA, Emily  1835New York I6619 OuthouseLine2014 
130 HENIKA, Franklin Benjamin  20 Jun 1840New York I5445 OuthouseLine2014 
131 HENIKA, Frederick  8 Apr 1806New York I166 OuthouseLine2014 
132 HENIKA, Frederick  Apr 1827New York I3014 OuthouseLine2014 
133 HENIKA, George Homer  31 Jan 1835New York I5411 OuthouseLine2014 
134 HENIKA, Henry  25 Aug 1794New York I5667 OuthouseLine2014 
135 HENIKA, Henry  4 May 1824New York I3020 OuthouseLine2014 
136 HENIKA, James  20 Dec 1819New York I3011 OuthouseLine2014 
137 HENIKA, John  23 May 1793New York I3007 OuthouseLine2014 
138 HENIKA, Leander James  16 Nov 1832New York I5422 OuthouseLine2014 
139 HENIKA, Mary  1832New York I3035 OuthouseLine2014 
140 HENIKA, Nancy Maria  1804New York I9612 OuthouseLine2014 
141 HENIKA, William  Abt 1817New York I3010 OuthouseLine2014 
142 HINCHMAN, Emma H.  1900New York I2587 OuthouseLine2014 
143 HOLLENBECK, Charles Austin  27 Sep 1927New York I3994 OuthouseLine2014 
144 HOLLENBECK, Virginia  Abt 1911New York I3990 OuthouseLine2014 
145 HOUGHTALING, Alice M.  Abt 1923New York I9920 OuthouseLine2014 
146 HOUGHTALING, James Clinton  Abt 1921New York I9919 OuthouseLine2014 
147 HOUGHTALING, Walter Clinton  Abt 1876New York I9917 OuthouseLine2014 
148 INGERSOLL, Mabel  1904New York I5165 OuthouseLine2014 
149 JEFFERY, John T.  Abt 1899New York I1883 OuthouseLine2014 
150 JOHNSON, Earl B.  1889New York I2576 OuthouseLine2014 

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